Everytime you buy direct you get pure unadulterated coffee from source, you empower farmers by giving them the highest pay possible and you put a face to the coffee you buy by getting first hand acquintance with the farmers who grow it.

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Save up to 15%

Everytime you buy direct from farmers, you save up to 15% with every purchase

Coffee with a story

Put a face to the coffee you buy by getting directly acquinted with farmers

Empower and Enrich

Farmers get empowered to produce the best coffee when they get the highest pay

Direct impact

Directly touch the lives of families that work hard to produce amazing coffees.

How it works

Making direct trade work is a cooperative effort that invloves highly experienced partners who work behind the scenes to make it easy for you.

Quality control

Our presence at soure ensures that all coffees the farmer brings to market directly are sustainably grown and give you the best possible cup.


We ensure the farmer gets prefinancing that allows them to get partial payment which enables them to continue working while the coffee goes to market.


Our network of reliable logistics partners enables the farmer to ship their coffee to any part of the world and have it warehoused and delivered on order.


We make noise on behalf of farmers to let you know their coffee is in the market. Joint marketing manages costs and allows the farmer to concentrate on what they do best.


All direct coffees are fully traceable and everything from transaction costs, prices, and what finally ends up in the farmer’s pocket is open for all transacting parties to view.


Once coffees are warehoused in the destination market, you can make orders for both green or roasted which can be fullfilled quickly and delivered to your doorstep.

Million shillings total cummulative sales from expo

Exhibiting partners coffee related companies

Happy farmers cummulative attendance

Billion shillings value of Kenya's coffee industry

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