Nov 3rd to 9th, 2024, Kenya


If you are like most roasters, your goal is to source sustainable premium coffee with a story behind it while supporting producers at the same time.

The Kenya Origin trip will allow you to do that by connecting you directly with producers of the elusive Kenya AA cup judged by coffee connoisseurs as one of the best in the world.

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Meet the farmers

Put a face to the coffee you buy by connecting directly with amazing farmers

Learn the process

Get your hands dirty as you learn how your coffee is grown and prepared

Taste their coffees

The Kenya Orgin Trip is a cuppers paradise with countless samples to taste

Create direct relationships

Remove the veil between you and farmers and build lasting direct relationships

Why prticipate

The people

The process

The coffee

Traveling to origin is a highly rewarding experience that will expand your knowledge and understanding of the coffee production process and give you a great opportunity to make valuable connections and create new partnerships that will enable you fulfill your dream of serving exceptional coffee.

With proper planning, origin trips can be a once in a lifetime experience that you will share with your peers and customers. You will be a able to authoritatively tell the complete story of specialty coffee from farm to cup.

On the Kenya Origin Trip, participants will spend a week visiting coffee farms, pulping stations and coffee mills and will engage with the farmers behind Nyeri’s amazing coffee. You will also engage with exporters who are responsible for ensuring proper storage and shipment of the green coffee.


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Trip Itinerary


Upon arrival at JKIA, head straight to Nyeri and check in at the FK Resort.


Breakfast special – Three select coffees from Kirinyaga County.
Dedicate the morning to exploring Murang’a and Kirinyaga regions. In the afternoon, participate in a cupping session at the Sagana NKPCU mill, where you will sample the distinct characteristics of Murang’a and Kirinyaga coffees. In the evening, enjoy a cocktail reception with local farmers and the county government leadership from Murang’a and Kirinyaga, fostering connections and gaining insights into their practices. You will also enjoy Murang’a and Kirinyaga cultural dances and beautiful artefacts you can take home as souvenirs.


Breakfast special – Three select coffees from Murang’a County.
Spend the morning and afternoon exploring the world renowned coffee zone of Nyeri. In the evening, enjoy a relaxed cocktail with Nyeri coffee farmers and Nyeri county government leadership at the FK Resort, creating a well-rounded understanding of the regional coffee scene. You will also be treated to traditional Mwomboko dances and the popular one-manguitar music to cap the evening.


Breakfast special – Three select coffees from Nyeri County.
The morning features a cupping session at Thunguri wetmill in Nyeri. Be prepared to excite your senses and to please your palate with the internationally acclaimed taste of Nyeri. After lunch, depart for Nakuru for an overnight stay at the Merica Hotel.


Breakfast special – Three select coffees from Rift Valley region.
In the morning, travel on to Kericho, the heart of Kenyan black tea production. Tour wetmills and farms in the region. In the afternoon visit the hidden gem – the Kipkelion coffee mill for a cupping session to discover the unique character of Rift Valley and Western Kenya coffees. In the evening, connect with Kericho coffee farmers and Kericho county government leadership over cocktail at Rays Place. The evening will be capped by Kalenjin cultural dances, and display of traditional artefacts.


Breakfast special – Three select coffees from Western region.
In the morning, travel through the scenic Bomet county to the Maasai Mara National Reserve. After an early lunch, have a special cupping experience in the middle of African wilderness at the Mara Simba lodge. This cupping will feature the best Kenya has to offer from all coffee growing areas. Enjoy a picturesque Maasai Mara sun downer in the late afternoon. In the evening, enjoy a delicious dinner and an overnight stay at the lodge. The evening will also feature Maasai cultural dances and display of Maasai traditional artefacts and beadwork.


Breakfast special – Three special coffees selected nationally.
After an early breakfast enjoy a thrilling morning hunting down lions, elephants, buffalo, cheetahs and other wildlife in the Maasai Mara wilderness on a morning game drive. After lunch enjoy a relaxed afternoon swimming, lounging or having a drink. In the evening enjoy a pleasant bush dinner as you wrap up an exciting week.


Breakfast special – Three special coffees selected nationally.
In the morning engage in a candid discussion with the origin trip organizers on your experience, lessons learnt and recommendations. Depart from the Maasai Mara and return to Nairobi for a delightful lunch at the Sarova Stanley Hotel. After lunch, transfer to JKIA for your departure, bringing home a wealth of knowledge and appreciation for Kenyan coffee.

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Tips to help you make the most of your trip.

Customers first

Origin trips are no longer an industry trend, you owe it to your customers. So the main goal for your trip should be to gain valuable information and knowledge that will enrich the experience you give to your customers. Come ready to learn and keep your customers in mind throughout the trip.

Build relationships

Know the people growing your coffee, processing it and shipping it. It is especially rewarding if you form relationships with partners who can guarantee you a consistent high quality cup while empowering farmers in the process. While at source, you can establish reliable connections to get the coffee from origin to your roastery.


The best time for an origin trip is harvest time, and that’s when the Nyeri origin trip happens (in November). It’s an extremely busy time with vast amount of work that will expose you to a very crucial part of the coffee chain that you would not want to pass. Come ready to dig in, get your hands dirty. Harvest time has additional benefits of cupping opportunities and if you stumble on an extremely great cup, don’t let it go, sleep with it (literally) if you have to.

Be ready for the grind of coffee travel

Unlike holiday travel, coffee travel exposes you to bumpy roads, getting dirty cherry picking, learning a lot and meeting many people who don’t speak your language. We do everything we can to lessen the grind and make it a bit more comfortable by booking good rooms, well cooked food and providing you with clean bottled water throughout the trip. But with a good adventurous spirit all the grind goes to making a most rewarding experience.

Ready now! Here are a few things to carry:

  • 1. Bug Repellent – to keep the little pests you encounter at bay
  • 2. Suitable Clothing – to protect you from elements of weather
  • 3. Medication and Health Products – to cushion your body from the shock of new foods, water and weather
  • 4. A Good Camera – to back up your story
  • 5. Local currency – credit cards and ATMs don’t count on the farm
  • 6. Gifts – to show your appreciation and build friendship
  • 7. Altimeter – it’s fun tracking the elevation along your journey and learning how it changes the coffee
  • 8. Research – in addition to our information package, it’s good to do your research to strengthen your purpose

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