Kaga coffee estate


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My love for coffee began when I was a young boy since my father had a coffee farm. I sold a cow that my grandpa gave me and bought 500 coffee seedlings which I planted on our farm. In time my father gave me all his coffee so that I can continue and I am currently managing the family coffee estate. My love for coffee has helped me stick it out even when times were tough. My goal now is to improve on quality and to have a consistent profile.

Where to find us

Watson Warui - Owner

Origin:Nyeri, Kenya
Acreage:14 acres
Coffee trees:4500
Altitude:1688 masl
Varieties:Ruiru II
Awards: -

Green coffee production history (kgs)

2020 (2019 / 2020 )1,200480
2019 (2018 / 2019)1,140456
2018 (2017 / 2018)1,020408

*Specialty: 80+ points

Coffee growing cycle

MonthMain season
January Sale
February Sale
March Flowering
April Flowering
May Maturing
June Maturing
July Maturing
August Maturing
September Ripening
October Harvesting & processing
November Harvesting & processing
December Harvesting & processing