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Ndaroini Coffee Factory started its operations on 22nd March 1984 as part of Gikanda Farmers Society. Because of our efforts to reach high quality of produce and to maximize benefits to our farmers we detached from Gikanda and we are currently autonomous. Ndaroini Coffee Factory embodies the hard work of small scale farmers to reach premium quality and stands out as one of the leading factories in Kenya in terms of quality and quantity production. We are able to produce around 400,000 to 620,000 kilograms of processed coffee annually with the highest yields being between the months of October and December every year. More than 70% of our produce is top grades of AA and AB. We are eager to find long term partners who we can supply our quality beans.

Where to find us

Joseph Mukuha - Chairman

Origin:Nyeri, Kenya
Number of farmers:1,000
Altitude:1727 masl
Varieties: Batian Ruiru II SL28 SL34
Processing:Fully washed
Drying:Sun dried
Certification:Fairtrade Rainforest Alliance
Awards:Best cooperative in Nyeri

Green coffee production history (kgs)

2020 (2019 / 2020 )450,000270,000
2019 (2018 / 2019)415,384249,231
2018 (2017 / 2018)419,929251,957

*Specialty: 80+ points

Coffee growing cycle

MonthMain season
January Sale
February Sale
March Flowering
April Flowering
May Maturing
June Maturing
July Maturing
August Maturing
September Ripening
October Harvesting & processing
November Harvesting & processing
December Harvesting & processing